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CREE Consulting

Everyone Has Untapped Potential

CREE Consulting LLC is a professional business consulting firm committed to helping your small business achieve maximum growth and profit. 

Our Services

"What's the use of running if you are not on the right road?" German Proverb


CREE is focused on getting your small business to the next level. Most of our clients hire us to help in one or more of these areas, but many times our clients' needs don't fit into any of these buckets and that's ok. Contact us to quickly discuss if we are a good fit for your small business. 

Our Services

Strategy Consulting

CREE will focus on helping clients establish a clear vision, long term goals and a road map. 

Financial Services

CREE will assist you with your business finance services, with programs such as Budget Better and back office support. 

Administrative Services

CREE provides temporary and project based administrative services to our clients with back office support. 

Management Consulting

CREE services focuses on getting the right people, processes, systems and policies in place so you can run your business efficiently and accelerate business growth. 

Government Contracting 

Are you ready for government contracts? We will assist you with capabilities statements, website development, contract opportunities, procurement monitoring and more. 

Website Development

Our team will work with you to develop your website with platforms: Shopify and Wix at an affordable price. 


"CREE assisted me in establishing goals and helped to understand how important it was in the very beginning to do it. You also challenged me and it help so much. I needed that structure!"

LaToya S

Bella Noire Store


Ready to find out more?

Is your business working as hard as you are? We are ready to help you get to the next level. Make your business better, faster, and stronger. 

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